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The 2007 Excel Bible Has Six Pages of Acknowledgements December 26, 2006

Posted by Unreasonable in Matters Humorous, Matters Literary.
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Excel 2007 BibleNext time you’re at the book store, check out the acknowledgements in John Walkenbach’s new 2007 Excel Bible. Besides writing the best Excel books in the universe he’s also ringmaster of the J-Walk Blog. In September he asked his readers to put whatever they wanted him to say in the blog comments. I don’t know if these made the cut, but here are some samples:

  • To Rory, for not being a troll.
  • I would like to thank Greg P. in Fairfield for showing me that Excel can actually be more useful than I would have ever imagined.
  • I would like to thank TimS, who patrols the bookstores and neatens the Excel area and then hides the other, inferior, Exel books in the Stephen King section.
  • I would like to thank Mark Coles who showed his wife how to do a household budget in Excel, rather than writing it like a story in notepad.
  • Thanks to Christians everywhere who have been tolerant of my use of the word ‘Bible’. If I’d called it the Excel Koran I’d be dead now.
  • I would especially like to thank Bloopy for teaching me that “I’ve got a squirrel peekin'” is an even better euphemism than “I’ve gotta go drop the kids off at the pool.”
  • Special thanks to Jon Anderson, who showed me how to use conditional formatting to make a delicious cheese spread.

Sadly, Walkenbach has said that this will probably be his last Excel book, but I guess that will free him up for more valuable things like this, this, and this.