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Minimum Qualifications to Earn a Wikipedia Entry January 6, 2007

Posted by Unreasonable in Computer Matters, Matters Literary.

They don’t let just any schmuck have an encyclopedia article. You’ve got to be a notable schmuck. From this Washington Post article, here are some of the rules:

Musicians and Bands:

  • Charted on any national music chart, in at least one large or medium-sized country.
  • Released two or more albums on a major label or one of the more important indie labels.
  • Been the subject of a half-hour or longer broadcast on a national radio or TV network.


  • Received significant press coverage.

Sports Figures:

  • Compete in a fully professional league or at the highest level in mainly amateur sports.

If you don’t have what it takes, but try to submit your biography anyway, you wind up in the trash bin.

:: Emerging Media at UTD

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