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Ken Wilber December 27, 2006

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On December 5 Ken Wilber had a series of severe seizures that nearly killed him.  From his website:

My tongue was nearly bitten off in several places, and it was swollen to the extent it completely filled my mouth-basically it was the size of a tangerine, making intubation necessary for me to breath. I also had what’s known as aspiration pneumonia (which means that during several of the seizures, I vomited into my lungs, where the stomach acid eats away the lung tissue, leaving it open to serious infection, which is what happened). Creatine levels, which they wanted under 5000 before I could leave, were over 150,000. This could be an indication of extremely serious and irreversible kidney damage, making dialysis a life-long necessity. It was pretty easy to see why the doctors didn’t think I would make it.

wilber.jpgHe’s had REDD for about 15 years which he thinks is most likely responsible for the seizures. In retrospect he thinks he had another one 18 months ago. He broke his shoulder in the middle of the night, but has no memory of it.

He’s recovering, with no apparent permanent kidney damage. Yesterday he posted an account of what happened.

If you’re not familiar with him, this is a good introduction.

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