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Think Faster to be Happier December 10, 2006

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Cognitive Daily reports on a study linking fast reading with improved mood. They build on research by Emmett Velton:

Velten simply asked people to read statements that were progressively either more depressing or elating. At the outset, the statements are neutral (“today is no better or worse than any day”), but by the end, the statements are definitive (“wow! I feel great” or “I want to go to sleep and never wake up”). By the end of the procedure, people genuinely feel better or worse, depending on the particular sequence of phrases they have read.

In this study the researchers asked 144 students to read depressing and elating phrases at various speeds. They found that reading faster outweighed the tone of the phrases:


It’s interesting that fast reading doesn’t intensify the effect of the phrases, it acts independently.

I’d like to read the original study, but its not worth $30 to me. I’d pay $1.50. Do you think they’d sell 20 times as many copies at that price? I don’t know.

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