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30 Essential Pieces Of Free (and Open) Software for Windows December 2, 2006

Posted by Unreasonable in Computer Matters.

This is a great list of open source software. There are more good suggestions in the comments.

::30 Essential Pieces of Free (and Open) Software for Windows

I also use some that didn’t make the list:

1. CDex
Unique but essential (for some)
CDex is a CD ripper to make MP3s from an audio CD. It will automatically download track and artist information from the central database (CDDB).

2. Tux Racer
Unique but Addictive
Tux Racer is a great downhill ski racing game. Two players can race on one PC simultaneously.

3. Azureus
Replaces the original BitTorrent
I started with the original BitTorrent client, but Azureus was a big improvement. I’ve been using it so long, that I don’t remember the details, but I was amazed when I switched. Consistently among the highest downloaded open source programs on Sourceforge. Winner of the 2006 Sourceforge Community Choice Awards – Best Overall

4. PrimoPDF
Replaces Adobe Acrobat
I’ve found it to be more reliable than PDF Creator for large format documents. Its free, but not open source. Extremely reliable.

5. TightVNC
Unique but Occasionally Handy
Control the desktop of one computer remotely from another. Before I switched to one laptop for everything, I used to use TightVNC to access my work computer from home. I never had any problems with it. A very solid program.

6. TuxPaint
Unique but Wonderful
My 4 year old loves this program.  Its a very simple paint program with cool sound effects.  It won’t replace adult paint programs, but it is an easy version for kids.  Get the optional stamp tool.

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