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ITER Pact Signed November 22, 2006

Posted by Unreasonable in Energy Matters, Matters Scientific, Matters Technological.

In the last fusion post I should have mentioned that the ITER tokamak fusion reactor is about to start. Yesterday the politicians got together to sign the papers.



It will be built in Cadarache, France at the existing nuclear research center (Google Map). The EU is paying 50% of the $12.8 billion dollar cost. The other six countries are each in for 10%. Construction is scheduled to start in 2008. They plan to fire it up in 2016.

ITER Section

ITER is supposed to produce 10X the energy input momentarily and 5X the input at steady state. However, it is experimental so it may not. There is some radioactive waste from this reaction, but it is a fraction of the fission reactors currently in use.

Note that $12.8 billion = 10 billion Euros. That number is too nice and round to be real. My bet is >$20 billion and 12 years.

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