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Choices November 20, 2006

Posted by Unreasonable in Matters Parental.

My wife and I always give our four year old son choices. By limiting the choices to two outcomes which are both fine with us, he has some control over his own life, we mostly avoid power struggles, and he doesn’t eat marshmallows for breakfast. However, he’s catching on to our scheme. Last weekend he asked “Dad, do you want to play Legos or hit balls (with a baseball bat)?” I wanted to read a book, but that wasn’t one of my options. We played ball.

However, he hasn’t totally mastered the concept yet. Yesterday, he was playing Frisbee with his 12 year old cousin. With a package of miniature M&Ms in his pocket, my son asked his cousin if he wanted M&Ms.  His cousin answered “Yeah. I do” sounding surprised that a four year old would share his candy.

My son asks “Do you want little ones or big ones?”

Cousin: “Ummm. Big ones.”

Son: “Well, I only have little ones.”

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