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Splashpower – Wireless Battery Charging November 15, 2006

Posted by Unreasonable in Energy Matters, Matters Technological.

SlashpadSplashPower announced the release of their first products.  The SplashPad will charge any wireless devices that you set on top of it using electromagnetic induction.

The catch is that you also need to install a receiver module called a SplashModule on your phone, camera, etc.  SplashPower plans to make them to fit various devices, but they don’t give any clues about which devices they are available for on their website yet.  The receiver needs to be built for the form factor and electrical characteristics of the device.

They say they are talking to device manufacturers about incorporating the receiver into the equipment.  What a great place for some standardization.  How about making everything 12V?

I learned about this from this BBC News article about MIT researchers that think they can transmit power a few meters thru the air using magnetic resonance with directional antennae.  They haven’t actually tried it yet though.   Seems a bit early to be celebrating.

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