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Video the Vote October 29, 2006

Posted by Unreasonable in Matters Democratic.

Help make our elections fair. VTV is looking for people with digital video cameras to [possibly] volunteer on election day. If they are notified of long lines, eligible voters turned away, voter intimidation, etc. they will call volunteers in the area to document it and upload the footage to YouTube.

In 2000 and 2004, problems plagued the polls in different parts of the country... They were underreported on Election Day. Days and weeks later, a more complete picture of voter disenfranchisement emerged—but it was too late. The elections were over and the media had moved on.

If the traditional media isn’t going to cover it, we can do it ourselves. You can volunteer, donate money or let them know if you see something wrong on election day at their website:


Video the Vote was created by Ian Inaba of the Guerrilla News Network, John Ennis of Shoot First, and James Rucker of ColorOfChange.org. The three originally sought to provide a platform to help independent filmmakers coordinate their efforts on election day—documenting election problems and pushing those stories into the mainstream media. The idea morphed into a populist program where ordinary people could participate.

I just signed up, so don’t try anything fishy.



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