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Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek October 29, 2006

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She creates her songs on her keyboards and arranges them on her computer, alone. Hide and Seek was created at 3:00 am:

I had had a really bad “day at the office” as my shiny new computer blew up on me. Real puff of smoke and sparks material. I was about to leave the studio defeated, which is always a bad thing. Those days can spiral into weeks and it’s important to try to do at least one thing in a day you’re happy with.

Out of the corner of my eye i spotted my harmonizer (a little box that you hook up to a keyboard via midi so you can play in the notes you want your voice to transpose to in real time). I hadn’t yet written anything with this piece of gear but had always wanted to do an acappella on this album.

I had an idea of this hide and seek thing about the childhood reference, and I wanted to write something about that. So when I was kind of stream of conciousness singing along, this whole song, all 4.5 minutes, just arrived from start to finish in that 4.5 minutes. Right at the end you can hear the local train going by my window…

I went home and played it for my boyfriend… and he started crying when he heard it. So I was like, hmm… There may be something to this song…

-Imogen Heap


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