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How to Steal an Election by Hacking the Vote October 26, 2006

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80% of US votes are cast electronically. That includes the ballots where you fill in the little circles (optically scanned ballots). I was only half kidding when I said that Florida voters ought to use mail-in absentee ballots. BoingBoing just posted a similar article.

In this Ars Technica article John Stokes explains how you could tamper with electronic voting machines in layman’s terms.

In all this time, I’ve yet to find a good way to convey to the non-technical public how well and truly screwed up we presently are, six years after the Florida recount. So now it’s time to hit the panic button: In this article, I’m going to show you how to steal an election….

::How to steal an election by hacking the vote

This 15 minute video shows how insecure Diebold’s vote tally program is:

Another video from Princeton University demonstrates software they wrote to alter the vote.

The system is broken. I’m not qualified to say how to fix it, but open source code sure seems like the right idea. And, why not put the data on the internet for all of us to examine? If there are enough eyes on it, major tampering would probably show up as a statistical anomaly.

I’ve also read that India’s simple, inexpensive machines are a good system.


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