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Craigslist Founder – Craig Newmark October 26, 2006

Posted by Unreasonable in Computer Matters.

Craig Newmark is too good to be true. This post caught my eye, and I did a little research. He could surely sell craigslist.org for billions of dollars, but he isn’t interested. He says he knows guys with a billion dollars. They aren’t all that happy, and they need body guards. He’s got plenty of money, so why screw things up?

According to his resume, Craig spent 17 years working as a programmer and systems engineer at IBM. He moved to San Francisco to work for Charles Schwab in 1993. There, he started sending out emails to inform friends about upcoming events. The email list eventually outgrew the email format and he moved it to a website. People started asking him to include some of their things in his list, and it evolved into what we use now.

The site gets it’s income from companies posting job openings and landlords posting available apartments. There are 22 total employees. Craig says he works in customer service. The CEO is Jim Buckmaster who is a fascinating guy in his own right. Jim is a former perma-student and Chomsky fan who has never owned a car. He’s responsible for spreading the site from San Fransisco to the 34 countries it serves today. He’s also responsible for the forum error message haiku:

a wafer thin mint
that’s been sent before it seems
one is enough, thanks

Thank you, craigslist for providing a great service and doing it with class.

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Some of my information is from an informative article by Phillip Weiss in New York Magazine, but they don’t get a link because the author was pretty much a prick.

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