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Google Trends Results for FOMC October 25, 2006

Posted by Unreasonable in Matters Financial.

Can you tell when the Federal Reserve FOMC meeting results are announced? The regions are what surprised me. Asia is more interested in our interest rates that we are:

FOMC in Google Trends

The Regions chart is showing the ratio of searches for “FOMC” relative to all other searches from that region. People in the US may use some other term like “Fed” (which is dominated by searches from the US as expected), or “FOMC” may be something popular in Asia.  On the other hand, I searched for “fomc” at Google Japan. I can’t read the pages it brings up, but the site names are in english. They look like financial sites.

The Fed left rates alone today (in case you are in the US and didn’t bother to look).

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