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Google Trends Predicts Democratic Victory in Midterm Elections? October 12, 2006

Posted by Unreasonable in Matters Democratic.

Using Google Trends I compared the number of searches for “democrat” to “republican” since January 2004, which is the entire history of the service. Suprisingly, I did find a change of trend. As you would expect, blue = democrat and red = republican:

“Republican” held a slight lead throughout 2004 foreshadowing the election victory in November:

2004 Democrat, Republican

“Republican” still dominated throughout 2005, but “democrat” narrowed the gap and led occasionally:

2005 Democrat, Republican

But starting in June 2006, “democrat” pulled into the lead and has not looked back:

2006 Democrat, Republican

Interestingly, “republican” led news references during the entire period and the gap is widening.

::Google Trends

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