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Extreme Interviewing October 9, 2006

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A faster and better way to recruit: Extreme Interviewing

A quote from the article:

The results were stunning:

  • The new employees fit in quickly – How quickly? Well, when Menlo repeated the process a month later with a new interview team consisting of veteran employees and some new hires, the candicates could not tell the new employees from the old timers. Also, after just six weeks, a new hire was skilled enough in the practices to mentor a new employee just joining the team.
  • Low employee turnover – There was only one developer lost to attrition during the life of the team.
  • Reusing the process – Menlo hired fourteen developers within two months using this process and six more later using a smaller variant of the process. It is also used in non-IT departments of Menlo Innovations.
  • Making life easier – Managers at Menlo called it “a joy to manage and work with such a team”.

It’s a popular idea. Here some similar articles I’ve read lately:

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