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Nikola Tesla – The Genius Who Lit the World October 8, 2006

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Nicola Tesla with Light

I didn’t know much about him, so I watched a 40 minute documentary. It’s not the most exciting production I’ve ever seen, but it’s interesting.

Here’s a teaser: Note that the light in the picture doesn’t have any wires. Tesla experimented with very high voltage power, and developed wireless transmission of communications and power. He would demonstrate wireless power transmission by walking around the room with that light bulb on.

However, that was just the beginning. He theorized that the Earth was a charged body and that there would be a voltage difference between the earth and high levels of the atmosphere. Later we found out he was right. There’s a 400,000 volt difference.

Tesla had planned to install very large transmission towers to provide free wireless power for the entire planet…

Nikola Tesla – the Genius Who Lit the World


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