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Cool Map Apps October 7, 2006

Posted by Unreasonable in Computer Matters.

Google Maps are the current standard by which other maps are to be measured.

  • They were the first to be able to drag the map location.
  • They were the first to combine maps and satellite photos in one view.
  • The really key feature is: they have an open API so other developers can build on top of them.

There are only a few drawbacks that I’ve noticed:

  • They don’t print as well as some of the others. They should print exactly what you see on the screen, but they don’t. I can’t believe they haven’t fixed that yet.
  • They don’t deal with incorrect addresses well enough for me. If you enter a wrong street number, they should take you to the middle of the street. Still, their search is better than anybody else’s.
  • I wish you could click on any spot on the map and get the address.

Other cool mapping applications:

And the future is all that stuff on a 3D model more like:

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