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Rigged Voting Machines in Florida? Clint Curtis vs Tom Feeney August 24, 2006

Posted by Unreasonable in Matters Democratic, Truth.

More election shenanigans in Florida.

“Now a Democrat, I am a former Republican who left that party after a sitting US Republican Representative, Tom Feeney, asked me to build a prototype computer program that could, without detection, flip the votes on an electronic voting machines.”


In 2004 computer programmer, Clint Curtis, testified before the US House Judiciary Committee that Tom Feeney (R-Fl) hired his company to rig the Florida Election:

Curtis was disheartened when nothing changed after he testified. Now Feeney is up for reelection, and Curtis is running against him.

Anytime there’s a system people are going to game it, but this really struck a cord with me for some reason. Feeney might not have actually done anything to rig the election, but this proves to my satisfaction that he would find that acceptable. I’m sure he sees it as what needs to be done to make sure the good guys win, just like Nixon did and Rove does.

Curtis seems to be an honest person. If you’re feeling rich and indignant, send him some money so he can buy a vote or two. If you live in Florida, please vote against Feeney for any other person of your choice (but use a mail-in absentee ballot).


Feeney 123,557 votes = 58%

Curtis 89,672 votes = 42%



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