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Inside NORAD on 9/11 August 3, 2006

Posted by Unreasonable in Truth.

This Vanity Fair Article is a play-by-play of what happened at NORAD. It includes audio from their recorders. Honestly, “the Air Force shot it down” was my first thought when the news reports said United Flight 93 crashed in a field. The audio proves that they didn’t have the ability even though they would have.

It also reveals that in an apparent effort to make us feel protected, Air Force Generals lied to the 911 commission to avoid showing the total lack of control on that day. The article contains MP3s. Press play after each transcript to hear the actual recordings.

…and, in a rare appearance, Maddox has written an excellent review of the film “Loose Change”. There is no 9/11 conspiracy you morons.

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